Mexican Pizza

Mexican Pizza… great for a quick meal

Saturdays are always a busy day in our house. I work all week, so Saturday is the day that we do our grocery shopping (Mike and I always do the grocery shopping together, I actually look forward to having him along), clean the house, usually go to church, and visit a person that is from our church that is now home bound. After all this most Saturday nights we find ourselves picking up something fast from one of the local restaurants to bring home to eat.

But this last Saturday while waiting in line at the grocery store, I picked up a food magazine that you find at the end of the check-out line and as I looked through it I found a recipe for a Mexican pizza. I knew after seeing the picture that this would be dinner for the evening.

This is a great pizza for a busy night, such as during the week or if you have to make something quick on the weekends. This is great for a family with kids; they can help and throw the things that they like on their pizzas.

We used tortilla shells for the crust, which were fried a bit to crisp them up before adding the topping. Instead of a red sauce we used refried beans on top of that we added chicken that was seasoned with taco seasoning. I add onions, tomatoes, green chilis, and cheddar cheese, but you can decide what you would like to add to your pizza. Then it is placed under the broiler just until the cheese is melted.

This one is going to be on the menu again, probably on another busy Saturday night. We loved it!

Mexican Pizza (I am not sure what magazine this came from)
Flour tortilla shells
15 ounce can refried beans
1/2 to 1 pound of chicken season with taco seasoning (I cooked this before adding it to the pizza)
Cheddar Cheese
Other pizza toppings, such as chilis, chopped tomatoes, onions…
After it is taken out of the oven you can add salsa, Verde sauce…
1. Prepare the chicken by cutting into small chunks, season it with taco seasoning and cook until done, set aside.
2. In a skillet add enough oil just to coat the bottom, add one tortilla shell and heat until just light crisp. You will need to turn it a few times and watch it so not to over crisp.
3. Remove the tortilla from skillet and spread with refried beans to just about the edge. Top with chicken, along with other toppings, and add the cheddar cheese last.
4. Place the pizza on a baking sheet and place under the preheated broiler. Watch carefully so pizza does not burn.
5. Add salsa or whatever toppings you would like to add.

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    How insanely delicious this looks! My taste buds did a little dance of joy! Thank goodness I haven’t done my grocery shopping yet – these are definitely on the menu for the week. :-)

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