White Bean Cabbage Andouille Soup

Words Of Deliciousness

White Bean cabbage, and andouille soup is a delicious hearty soup made with vegetables, beans, and spicy sausage. A hearty soup that is perfect when the weather turns cold.

Ingredients that you will need

Onion Carrots Potatoes Celery Olive Oil Chicken Broth Andouille Sausage Great Northern Beans Cabbage Diced Tomatoes Bay leaves Celery Salt Salt and Pepper

Step 1

Add the carrots, celery, onion, and potatoes to a soup pot or a Dutch oven

Step 2

Sautee vegetables over medium heat until they begin to soften

Step 3

Once the vegetables are sauteed add the beans, tomatoes, sausage, cabbage, bay leaves, and celery salt.

Step 4

Add the chicken broth and stir in. Continue to cook the soup, bring it to  a boil, then simmer until vegetables are done

Step 5

Once the soup is done simmering, season with salt and pepper to taste.

Step 6

The soup is ready to eat. If you like you can serve it by itself or serve it with your favorite sandwich